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? mike emmanuel at reagan national outside washington, d.c how is it? >> reporter: shep, passengers we talked to seemed to take it pretty much in stride, recognizing from the news coverage that they would be facing stronger security, some coming as early as three hours ahead of their flights. here is a sample of what one woman told us about how she's dealing with the extra security. >> you don't really have control in a car, but you feel like you have control in a car. so when you get on a plane, you know you totally relink wish control. so if there is anything you want, you need to feel safe. i guess that's why i'm willing to go through all this. >> it's important to note, we're still less than two weeks out from that attempted christmas day attack. so it's still fresh in the minds of many travelers. so far they seem to be rolling with it. >> a mild sedative might be in order for many. we've been hearing a lot about the full body scanners. are they using these at reagan national? there are not many of them, right? >> reporter: shep, this is one of the 19 airports in the u.s. to have t
from washington. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> so how the fed are telling it there was a second person detained in the christmas day plane plot. plus, a possible motive for the deadly attack on a cia base in afghanistan and rush limbaugh speaking out about his health care. i'm gregg jarrett in for shepard smith and the news begins now. >> who will take charge of security in the skies? week after an attempted attack, new problems for the president's pick to lead the transportation security administration. why the nominee is correcting the record about something he calls a grave error in judgment. a devastating attack on u.s. intelligence on the afghan-pakistan border, new details on the bombing that killed seven cia workers, what it tells us about our strategy in the region, the risks and the future of the fight. and as the ball dropped and the crowds cleared, they were watching. >> for our command post, post 8. >> catherine herridge takes us where reporters have never gone before. >> how tough is it? >> behind the scenes with the fbi at the biggest party of
problems in the future. wendell goler is following all of this from our washington newsroom tonight. wendell, what do we know? >> well, julie, the president got two briefings, his counter terrorism director focus cussed on the intelligence community's failure to connect the dots and determine the threat posed by umar abdul mutallab while the secretary of homeland security looked at how the young nigerian was able to go through airports in ghana, nigeria and netherlands and board a plane bound for detroit with a bomb sown in his underwear. janet napolitano said she is sending senior aides at airports around the world. lee hamilton says abdul mutallab should have been flagged at the ticket counter. >> you learned he paid cash. you learned he didn't have a credit card. you learned he didn't put any baggage on the airplane. you have learned the u.k. had denied him a visa. >> senate intelligence committee head dianne feinstein plans hearings next month on why abdul mutallab wasn't flagged for airport screening even though he was on the terrorist data base. feinstein sent president obama
to a report from the middle east media research institute based in washington, d.c., jordanian newspaper reports are quoting government sources there, saying that this man was not a jordanian and did not work with jordanian intelligence. so clearly there is more to learn on all this. >> jonathan hunt on the new developments as we know them regarding this jordanian. jonathan is taking your questions in a live chat ed addition, fox news.com/shep. you can see it circled on your screen. you can put in the questions and he'll give you answers. right now at fox news.com/shep. new details with a suspect in the thanksgiving family massacre here in the u.s. one of the victims, this little girl, her father patrolling his home with a shotgun until at least the killer was captured. tonight he's put down that gun. but the family's trauma is far from over. the father's story and brand-new information in his own words next. we know it's supposed to be cold in january. but for many of you, it's bordering on ridiculous, not to mention dangerous. details on the deep freeze in the east coast and how long i
. they are understandably mad. >> maybe there is a new breed of republican coming to washington. >> we can't keep moving on as if nothing happened in massachusetts. >> shepard: tonight, what that vote really means for the president, for politics, for health care, and for all of us. ♪ >> shepard: one year to the day since obama's nomination is he sudden suddenly in a whole new ballgame. health care overhaul top priority here at home is in a whole new world of trouble. the president tells abc news tonight that the senate democrats should not try to pass a bill while they still have a super majority of 60 votes. quote, the senate certainly should not try to jam anything through until scott brown is seated. the people of massachusetts spoke. he has got to be part of the process." brown, of course, pulled off historic upset last night, winning the seat ted kennedy held for almost half a century. tonight, senate leaders say they will wait for brown to be seated before voting on any health care bills. but at least one house democrat suggests it might be time to rethink those bills. >> but right now i think w
that gives washington failing grades on wmd protection. >> there was no question in our mind to assess capability as an f. f. >> shepard: where we fall short and what the feds plan to do about it. and police say this man had a rifle and bullet-proof vest when they caught him. but that's nothing compared to what they reportedly found inside his motel room. urgent to begin tonight and toyota telling car dealers across the nation to suspend all sales of eight different models. the car maker reports the vehicles may have gas pedals that stick, which could leave you behind the wheel of a run away car. this comes just days after toyota recalled more than 2 million vehicles. here are the models that toyota reports it will now stop selling: toyota reports it will stop producing vehicles at plants in indiana, kentucky, texas, and in canada. it is just the latest problem for toyota. last year the automaker recalled more than 4 million vehicles on those cars gas pedals became trapped under the floor mats. the problem blamed for numerous crashes including some deaths. more information on this huge
will neomonarchist royalist attitude coming out of washington. people are saying this is a democracy and that people want to be heard. >> whether there was 59 seats in or 60, we still have to work hard to get the economy back on track and work hard for the promise of affordable accessible healthcare for millions of americans a reality. i don't believe there is an entirely new agenda behind some door based on the result of tonight. >> shepard: there could be an entirely new reality for the president as he tries to push his projects through congress. team fox coverage. molly line at coakley head quarters in boston. let's get to carl cameron, live with the brown campaign, also in boston tonight. set the stage for us. >> polls close shortly. a sleet filled day with both campaigns arguing things are not as bad in the coakley case and not as good in the brown case as everybody said. he has had a tremendous campaign with an unbelievable ground swell of support in a state that is predominantly democrat and yet with the polls showing that he comes in with a slight edge within the margin of error as he cast h
of the news from coast to coast here on the fox report.  >>> they're keeping a close eye in washington on all of the christmas terror case developments and there are a number today. yesterday the white house aide said the intelligence community stepped up its efforts after the recent shooting spree at fort hood. but late today, new signs that something went wrong. major garrett continues our team coverage from the white house. what happened? >> reporter: here is the big development. late today the director of national intelligence, dennis blair, announced he was asking john mccadillac ran, was the director of the c.i.a. and president bush's acting director of the c.i.a. to gather a group of individuals in the intelligence community to look at what the intelligence community failed to do in reaction to fort hood on november 5, the massacre there, and the attempted christmas day bombing over the skies of detroit. in his announcement, blair said the following, he wanted this group of experts to undergo a careful examination of the secrets of -- convention of events ling up to both inciden
on the ground. haiti's ambassador to the united states visited a relief hearing in washington today and passed on a request. send body bags. >> body bags because the way they are disposing of some of the corpses is very undigfy anied. >> shepard: witnesses tell of make shift graves popping up all over the capital and they are not being documented and therefore their friends and family members no one will know exactly who died, where or weather. survivors struggle to bury the dead. medical teams and relief workers fighting to keep the living alive. steve harrigan live in port-au-prince this evening. earlier today you said you are starting to see more hopeful signs. >> certainly, shep, we have seen a bigger international presence on o the streets and u.n. convoys and international red cross but really tough going for the people especially here in port-au-prince. when you knock down all the buildings you have to do everything in the street and for many the street has become the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom and for some even the cemetery. we are seeing people leave the city in hope of mo
in washington were all in a tizzy. what does it mean for obama? is he weakened? oh, how is he going to survive this? i want you to understand, this is not about me. [ applause ] this is not about me. this is about you. >> shepard: about the voters. that was the term for the day. the president taking a populous tone you may haves inned. something experts say is very politically popular right now. he called on lawmakers to pass a jobs bill with tax breaks and he attacked both washington and wall street. for its part wall street clearly doesn't like the uncertainty over the administration's plan as you can see stocks have taken a big hit over the past three days. the dow's worst week since march under water for the year. all the major indices today were down more than 2%. the dow down more than 200. nasdaq 60. and the s&p 25. wendell goler is live at the white house tonight. the president's message is changing. >> well, it's as much tone as it is message, shepard. the president finding unpopular targets like big banks and insurance companies and lobbyists and telling people he is fighting against
's right. the president today in tampa says the american public is tightening its belt. washington has too, as well. but some very top house democrats including house speaker nancy pelosi and the vice chairman of the house democratic caucus say wait a minute, what about the defense department? why are they exclued? here is bucerra. >> i think it's outrageous that everyone is not involved on scrubbing. >> he thinks it's outrageous. meaning this fight will continue. >> shepard: major garrett at the white house tonight. thank you. good economic news here as ford motor company has announced it is once again making money. the only american automaker that did not take a taxpayer bailout and did not reorganize under bankruptcy protection says it made close to $3 billion last year. that's the first full year profit since 2005. back then the company's leaders unveiled a restructuring plan they called the way forward. it was supposed to return the company to profitability by 2008. as you could see there, the company lost huge amounts of money over the past three years. but did bring in profits one y
relief agencies there. that's it from washington. good night. >> shepard: dealing with death. the sight of the dead in the streets, the foul stench of death in the air. the unrest today. and the concern for the days ahead. tonight, on "the fox report," the horror in haiti. ♪ >> shepard: new images of the moment of impact and the mind-boggling aftermath. >> there is -- we can't find him him. >> haiti's gone. >> shepard: now help is starting to arrive, but the task is enormous. >> the ride here is was devastating. >> people in absolute chaos and pandemonium. >> having another after shock. >> shepard: and here in the united states some families are still waiting for word. >> all we can do now is just have faith and keep on praying. >> shepard: but others already have their answers. >> i want momma, all of them die now. >> shepard: tonight, the horror and the heartache of a nation in ruins. as we begin our thursday evening across america, in port-au-prince, haiti, residents by the thousands have been trapped for more than two days, trapped and crying out in many cases that they
. now, two senators are trying to make that happen. catherine herridge in washington tonight. catherine, they sent some sort of letter to the a.g. tonight, right. >> this letter from the chair of the homeland security committee is blunt and urges the attorney general eric holder and john brennan to immediately transfer the alleged christmas day bomber from civilian to military custody. >> he may have information that will help us stop the next terrorist act. >> it's not too late for the administration to try to undo the harm of its earlier decision. >> the circumstances surrounding abdulmutallab's case are highly unusual but a leading national security attorney tells fox that a transfer may be possible if that is ultimately what the administration decides, shep. >> shepard: catherine, tonight we are learning the administration did consider that option, right? >> well, that's right. a source familiar with the white house counter terrorism meeting in early january tells fox that the idea of sending the alleged christmas day bomb tore military commissions was broached at that meeting. but
of the hijackers in the attack of 9-11. now more from washington. so they've been watching this guy since the attacks of 9-11? >> reporter: it's well documented in the 9-11 commission report that al-awlaki had contacts with at least two of the 9-11 hijackers in both san diego and virginia. the two hijackers were on flight 77 that slammed into the pentagon and it was through the web that al-awlaki is connected to major nidal malik hasan, the alleged shooter in the fort hood attack, which killed 13 in november. law enforcement sources say he sent 18 e-mails to al-awlaki seeking religious and moral guidance. >> on the issue of mr. al-awlaki, yes, we were very concerned after the fort hood shooting about what else he might be doing here and that's why there was a determined and concerted effort after that to take a look at what else he might be trying to accomplish in the homeland. >> we know through multiple sources that he had contact with the 23-year-old nigerian suspect on board flight 253. >> so alarm bells were ringing. did anybody take any action? >> today republican ranking republican
these developments say about the political landscape and democratic control in washington. plus, in the wake of the near disaster in detroit, a different kind of security screening. >> basically reads your body heat. >> tonight taking the temperature on counterterrorism. first from fox, the departure of some democrats. in the last 24 hours, three high profile members of that party, two senators and a governor, have all confirmed they will not seek reelection. this potentially troubling news for the president's party, especially on the senate side, remember right now, democrats have a 60-40 so-called super majority in the senate. counting the two independents who caucus with them. that let's the democrats act without republican support if they can stick together should they need to. but with the recently announced retirements of the north dakota senator byron dorgan and the connecticut senator chris dodd, it means democrats will have to defend a total of four open seats in next year's election. lose just one and the super majority is gone. senator dodd knows well what's at stake for his party
>> shepard: senator elect brown of massachusetts goes to washington. tonight, the brand new landscape in d.c. plus, from the earthquake zone the side of haiti you have not seen. i'm shepard smith. this is fox news. it's home to some of the nation's poorest people. >> they were desperate before. they are even more desperate now. >> shepard: a place said to be so violent some aid groups just won't go there. tonight, walking the streets of a shan'ty town. and rescuers pulled him from the rubble. >> belief in that i would survive that i would be found. i think mentally maybe survive. >> shepard: we will find out the decision that saved this man's life. and incoming massachusetts senator scott brown takes a trip to washington. >> i think it's great to be here. >> shepard: tonight, the reception he received. >> good to visit with my new colleague. >> shepard: and what to expect in the way of immediate impact. plus nbc seals the deal to bring back jay leno. we'll see what the peacock had to do to kick out conan. and former presidential candidate john edwards on his reported love ch
. they are both near washington, d.c. one in d.c. the other the eastern district of virginia. that is northern virginia. in fact, alexandria. that is where there has already been a terror trial in 2006 zacharias moussaoui was convicted there of conspiracy as part of the 9/11 attacks against our country. so they have the prosecutors there. they have the facilities, they say. they have the security. the people in this neighborhood and others around the country just wait now for the final decision. >> shepard: eric shawn live in new york city. lower manhattan tonight. eric, thank you. we got late word today that security officials diverted a continental airlines flight because they thought a passenger might be on the no-fly list. but on that plane. but fox news has now learned the whole thing was one big mistake and the passenger is clear to fly. the plane took off from newark liberty international airport headed toward colombia. it landed instead in jacksonville. sources tell fox news that the person's name is similar to that of a person who is on the no-fly list. but it turns out it's not a. th
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a loser and called the tea party folks protesting our washington policies, he is calling them evil mongers. >> shannon: the two sides have cheerly staked out positions. >> shepard: i'm guessing there are competing thoughts about how this could affect senator reid's election bid which the polls were quite shaky, the polls were some of the worst ever for reid and they were taken before the controversial comments were made public. the latest development still no help but you have to remember, of course, in politics the vote is still 11 months away. democrats believe he willle hang on to the seat. >> shepard: some republicans are arguing there is a double standard in play because of what happened in 2002 with then senate majority leader trent lott but the democrats argue the situation are completely different. senator lott was appearing at a birthday party for senator strom thurman when made this comment. >> i want to say this about my state, when strom thurman ran for president, we voted for him and we're proud of it. [ applause ] >> and to the rest of the country would have followed our lead
and that means he would come to washington and promised to vote against the healthcare reform bills as they are currently constructed by congress. democrats don't have a lot of options. if he wins, they would need to pass this before he office.tionhe takes one scenario is the already passed senate bill but that would require house democrats to accept the senate bill as is and a vast number of them have said that they won't. there is a real hurry-up offense situation for democrats if they hope to pass healthcare reform and historically it is important to remember, shep, 47 years ago when ted kennedy took this seat he was put into office the next day. democrats in massachusetts say there may be delays. republicans say that isn't the precedent set by the last occupant of the seat and they hope that scott brown is the next one. shep? >> shepard: i bet it doesn't happen in a day, carl. good to see you. thank you very much. not a chance. the president had and has big plans for healthcare reform, the economy, the environment and so much more. now, it has been almost a year since the presid
tonight here in washington. we are still getting brand new excerpts of that state of the union address. the white house now reports to us that the president will say i have never been more hopeful about america's future than i am tonight. despite our hardships, our union is strong. we do not give up. we do not quit. we don't allow fear or division to break our spirit. in this new decade, it's time for america people to get a government that matches their decency. that elm bodies their strength. and tonight, says the president, i'd like to talk about how together we can deliver on that promise. greg jarrett now in washington as audio problems persist. >> and, shepard, thanks very much. hello i'm greg jarrett. tonight we will be airing the 76th time that the chief executive has faced congress to deliver a state of the union address or as it is known the president's annual message to congress. george washington was actually the first to deliver an address that was estimated to last roughly five minutes in total. well tonight will be a bit longer. and while it's tough to compare one presid
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